Pôle d’expertise et de recherche en santé et bien-être des hommes

Financial Support

Student Scholarships

The Pole's scholarships aims to support a graduate or postgraduate degree students (master or doctorate) whose dissertation or thesis project is related to men's health and well-being. The student’s (co-)director must be a member of the Pole.

Start-Up Fund

These funds are intended to support Pole's researchers who wish to submit a grant request for a research project to one or more recognized funding organizations

Financial Support for Specific Projects 

Grants for specific small projects aim to support Pole's researchers who wish to carry out projects that are linked to the Pole's first objective, which is to develop a better understanding of the male and paternal realities undergoing transformation.

Grants for small projects related to interventions

This funding aims to support Pole's researchers in the development of new intervention strategies or in the evaluation of practices in place with male clienteles (including fathers) in order to better meet the needs and difficulties encountered by these populations.

CIUSSS-CN’s research policies and procedures

The allocation of funds is subject to the administrative rules of the CIUSSS-CN

Competition Results

Student Scholarship

Year Name Title

Laurent Bélanger, master's student in psychology (direction Tamsin Higgs)

Predictors of treatment program completion among child sexual abusers in prison: the mediating role of motivation and therapeutic alliance.


Maxim Gaudette, doctoral student in public health (direction Olivier Ferlatte)

Between risk and pleasure: the experience of men who do chemsex in Montreal.

2020 Nebila Jean-Claude Bationo,
doctoral student in educational psychology (dir.: Jean Ramdé)
Paternal commitment and socio-emotional development of the child in a migratory context.
2020 Jade Fecteau-Albert, master's student in sexology (co-dir.: Natacha Godbout)

The intervention needs of men victims of sexual assault in childhood.

2019 Claudia Fournier, doctoral student in community health (co-dir.: Sophie Dupéré) Experiences of gay immigrant men in Quebec: Possibility and constraints in terms of well-being.


Start-Up Fund and Financial Support for Specific Projects 

Year Names Title
2021 Olivier Ferlatte et Janie Houle

Suicide Risk in Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Men: Understanding the Role of Gender Expression and Peer Stigma.

2021 Tamarha Pierce, Diane Dubeau, Annie Devault, Jean-Martin Deslauriers, Jean Ramdé and Jacques Roy

Fathers and youth protection: an interactionist perspective.

2020 Christine Gervais, Isabel Côté, Francine de Montigny and Tamarha Pierce The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Quebec parents and their children.
2020 Jean-Martin Deslauriers, Jean Proulx and Tamsin Higgs

Implementation and operation of intervention protocols in the context of the risk of homicide within the family: study of the Rabaska intersectoral partnership.

2020 Jacques Roy, Dominic Bizot, Francine de Montigny and Éric Pilote

Male grand parenting, an exploratory survey.

2020 Valérie Roy and Kevin Lavoie

Encourage recognition of experienced violence: testimony from gay men who have been victims of violence in an intimate or romantic relationship.

2020 Dominic Bizot, Philippe Roy, Éric Pilote, Oscar Labra and Marc Boily Participatory inventory of the management, governance, training and intervention practices of generalist organizations for men in SBEH.
2020 Vincent Couture and Kévin Lavoie A biological clock for men? Ethical issues of fatherhood in old age.
2019 Jean-Martin Deslauriers and Jean Proulx Implementation and operation of intervention protocols in the context of the risk of homicide within the family: study of the AGIR and ALERT crisis cells.
2019 Normand Brodeur and Valérie Roy

Reception, information and referral services to the court for men accused of domestic violence: a literature review.

2019 Francine de Montigny, Deborah Da Costa and Christine Gervais Multiple case study: Analysis of the training of facilitators of perinatal bereavement support groups with regard to the inclusion of fathers in groups in Quebec.