Pôle d’expertise et de recherche en santé et bien-être des hommes

Men's toolbox

Men's toolbox

As part of the implementation of regional and local action plans in men's health and well-being, practice settings have expressed the need for concrete tools to support stakeholders in adapting their practice to male realities. It is with this in mind that the Men's toolbox project was developed, under the direction of Janie Houle, Ph.D., professor in the psychology department of the University of Quebec in Montreal and of the Vitalité Laboratory. A total of six tools, in the form of short synthetic texts, were produced.

Tool for men

How to Pick Yourself Up After a Setback

Tool for relatives of men

How to Help a Man Close to You Access Support Services

Tools for practitioners

Good Practices for Working with Men

How to React to Aggressiveness

Working with Men from Immigrant Backgrounds

Working with Sexually Diverse Men (part 1)

Working with Sexually Diverse Men (part 2)

Watch the tool ownership webinar (in french)

Webinaire d’appropriation des outils

Présentation du coffre à outils pour hommes (en format pdf)

Research Team

Principal investigator

Janie Houle Ph. D.
Community psychologist and teacher
Department of Psychology, University of Quebec at Montreal

Research support

Sandra Lachance
Undergraduate student in psychology, UQAM

Roxanne martin
Undergraduate student in psychology, UQAM

Benoit Martel
Research Officer
University of Quebec in Montreal

Members of the cross-knowledge committee

Annie arevian
Head of General Services, CIUSSS Center-Sud

Jonathan bacon
Intervention development coordinator (Collectif Avancer),
Rézo - The health and wellness of gay and bisexual, cis and trans men.

Normand Brodeur
Professor-Researcher, School of Social Work and Criminology, Laval University

Julie De Serres
Retired executive from the health and social services network

Denis Gagné
Service user

Yves Gariepy
Service user

Matthieu Hammond-Rivard
Psychosocial worker
Montreal Men's Resource Center

Brigitte Lavoie
Lavoie Solutions

Pierre L’Heureux
Andragogue, expert in working with men

Gilles Tremblay
Associate Professor, School of Social Work and Criminology, Laval University


This project is funded by the CIUSSS du Center-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal, as part of the Regional Action in Men's Health and Well-Being, and by the Ministry of Health and Social Services .

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