Pôle d’expertise et de recherche en santé et bien-être des hommes

About Us


The Pole of expertise and research on men's health and well-being (PERSBEH) is incorporated to the Capitale-Nationale's Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS). More specifically, it is attached to the University Institute on Frontline Health and Social Services (IUPLSSS) and funded by the Department of Health and Social Services. A Steering Committee ensures its orientation and proper functioning. Generally speaking, the The Pole of expertise and research on men's health and well-being aims to develop a true synergy between researchers in the field of men's health and well-being and between these researchers and practice settings, both in the health and social services network and in the community network, in order to understand the realities that men face and to support the adaptation of services to better meet their needs. To do so, it is particularly interested in developing empirical studies applicable to front-line practice settings, promoting research that contributes to greater gender equality in society, and taking into account the diversity of masculinities in the knowledge development and transfer.